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Sevilla is our own interpretation of a timeless design introduced by Rubberset in the early 1900s. We love this design, and been wanting to add it on our line up for a while. Now in 2020, we are launching our very own barber style design.

This timeless classic, could only be named after the beautiful city of Sevilla in Southern Spain. A city full of life and character. Being a barber style brush we also wanted to make a wink to the "Barber of Seville".

Ideal for both face and bowl lathering. A nicely balanced classic design with clean lines, that feel nice in the hand, and looks nicely refreshed in our ŌKU natural white ivory tone.

Color: Please refer to options below.

Handle Height: 60 mm

Handle Diameter: 36 mm

Loft: 52 mm +/- 0.5mm

Knot Dia.: 26 mm

Knot: Two band finest badger extra density.

Weight: 73 g