Sevilla is our own interpretation of a timeless design introduced by Rubberset in the early 1900s. A beautiful design that doesn't goes out of style, and reproduced in many occasions by different manufacturers for decades. In any case, we love this design, and been wanting to add it on our line up for a while. So in 2020, our very own barber style design will be launched.

For us, this brush could only be named after the beautiful city of Sevilla in Southern Spain. A city full of life and character. Legend says that Sevilla is the city of Tarsis. Founded by none other than Hercules, and give it to his son Hispalo from where it got its original name, Hispalis. Legend or not, this brush is named after this gorgeous city, and being a barber style brush after the "Barber of Seville" to.

Over the last few weeks we've been working refined its design slightly and have come up with its final shape. A nicely balanced classic design with clean lines, that looks refreshed in our ŌKU natural white ivory tone. 

We really like how it turned out and we hope you like it too.