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We wanted to create a larger version of Madrid, ideal for those seeking a larger brush with the same clean lines of Madrid. The handle has very smooth curvy lines that simply feel great in the hand.

The two sections in the design are separated by a thin cut, this gives the impression that the bush is suspended making it a true eye catching brush. Its diameter is ideal for medium to large hands, idea for a very confortable face lathering experience.

This brush is named after a beutiful city by the Mediterranean sea full of character, and history.  A place not to miss when visiting Spain. This is our own special way of remembering all those marvelous times we've spent there.

Color: Please refer to options below.

Handle Height: 54.5 mm

Handle Diameter: 40 mm

Loft: 52 mm +/- 0.5 mm

Knot Dia.: 26 mm

Knot: Two band finest badger extra density.

Weight: 73 g