ŌKU Signature Brushes by P&P

We are a couple of artisans based in Santa Rosa, California. A while back we decided to create our own shaving gear and, after we showcased it, we were encouraged by the wet shaving community to make them more broadly available.

Living in the North Bay area, we couldn't settle to use traditional shaving brush handle making techniques. We wanted to create something novel,  different, with as fewer constrains as possible, and decided to combine classic craftsmanship with new age technology. All without sacrificing the love, care and attention to details associated to artisan's individual creations. 

Our brush handles are all created with next generation photopolymers, resistant and durable. We shape our handles using light and we finish them by hand following a multi-step process. Our badger knots have been selected after trying multiple suppliers made to our specifications. We care for our knots; we pre-condition and sterilise them individually prior to assembling. 

We believe in details and that is the reason why all our brushes are accompanied by a handmade measured-to-fit leather case where we proudly stamp out logo and name, and a brush identity card. 

We are very passionate about our creations, so expect new refreshing designs.